Wednesday, April 6, 2011

One Day Without Shoes

Shoes are one of those things that we lust after, need to go with that perfect dress, make us feel like a different person but in the long run are not something that we think very much about.  Yes we think about that pair of Jimmy Choos and what they can do for our legs but do we ever think about what a shoe really is.  There are thousands if not millions of people in the world who cannot afford to even own one pair of shoes yet alone a $700 pair.  Yesterday was One Day Without Shoes, a movement to make people understand the need that there is for shoes, such a simple thing for people all over the world.  I think we should take the lesson from this day and think about what we can do to help other people, even in the littlest of ways.  Clothing lovers that we all are that does not mean we cannot think and care about others.  That we ignore those in need in favor of debating whether or not Zara copied Prada boggles my mind.  Fashion isn't forever but the people around us and the legacy we leave are.


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