Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Russian Revelry

Chanel's latest couture collection for Fall 2010 is a definite change from the iceberg runway that we saw in spring.  This collection has a darker more structural feel to it, reminiscent of the military.  This is off-set though by the embroidery and embellishments from fur to jewels that give the collection the luxe feel that has become synonymous with Chanel.  You can also see a Russian fairy-tale quality to the clothes that contrasts nicely to the sometimes severe proportions.   The girlish make-up and wind-blown hair are in contrast to the restrained luxury of the collection but are a nice touch and keep it grounded in the dream-world Lagerfeld has so aptly created at Chanel.


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Flowers in the Fall

Christian Dior just showed their couture collection in Paris and it is breathtaking.  Taking a cue from the gardens of Versailles John Galliano presented his Fall 2010 collection to acclaim.  A mix of the whimsical and divine Dior is perhaps one of the last true couturiers.   Galliano transforms these outfits from flowers to creations and shows us what one's imagination can do.  Inspired by the original Christian Dior's tulip line, this collection breathes a new air into the dying art of couture.