Friday, December 24, 2010

Fashion Shake Up

Though we tend to focus on fashion, what inspires us, the designers etc, recent upheaval in the fashion world has gotten my attention in the extreme.  LVMH has been slowly buying up stocks in Hermes over the past few months leaving some to wonder as to what Bernard Arnault is up to.  Though the CEO has openly denied wishing to plan a take over of the family run company his most recent acquisition of more stocks is troubling.  Initially acquiring 17.1 % of the shares it has now been upped to 20.1%.   The Hermes family which currently owns 70-73% of the stock is in a position to do some serious damage control and block Arnault from acquiring more but there is still another 10% of public non-family owned stock up for the taking. If Arnault continues to buy up the stock his promises of not taking over Hermes and putting it under the LVMH name will in my opinion become suspect.  The Hermes family will most likely close ranks and put all of their stocks in one larger fund so that no one singular member can discretely sell their stock.  Only time will tell what will happen with this drama but with two juggernauts of the fashion world squaring off against one another I am not sure it will end well for anyone.  


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