Thursday, March 25, 2010


Welcome back from Spring Break everyone, I hope it was epic for all of you.  I interned in Manhattan for the entirety, giving up sleep, sun, beach and coffee dates for three hour door-to-door commutes from Eastern Long Island to the Upper East Side of NYC and for very entertaining auction estimate requests, but that is besides the point of this post.  

The first day I woke up at 5:40, did my make up on the train, and as I looked up from my double-c logo press powder mirror, I saw this:
He reminded me so much of Mr. Schuman's aesthetic, what a breath of fresh air, I took an immediate liking to his sophisticated yet effortless style.  He wasn't adorned with labels, but you could tell that everything was of great quality.  The book he was reading looked old; it paired nicely with the brown/dark purple briefcase that also shows wear along the edges.  I'm pretty sure he pulled out the book after I made him uncomfortable by staring at him!

Many of us avoid pairing khaki and grey, or khaki and black...but I like how gracefully these rules can be amended.


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